Feb. 15th, 2011

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So obviously most of the time I make a pretty good stereotype: I'm a librarian who knits! also I'm single & live with a cat! but today, while laying on the couch, wearing a red dress, reading romance novels* and eating fancy chocolates i started to wonder:
what's the difference between a stereotype & a cliche?

*clare brings home the mills & boons that people donate to the library, but the library won't keep because, i believe, the sexytimes are too graphic.** then we read out the good bits to unsuspecting guests***. it's a thing. For the times when we don't have a good passage prepared, there is always "the romance writers' phrasebook": truly and honestly a collection of sentences to go in romance novels. arranged by topic****.

**as a fanfic reader, not so much.


****I actually can't find our copy right now, but I do recall one of the topics was color: lists of all the various synonyms for different colours. Including (as a heading) both "white" and "off-white".

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