Dec. 14th, 2012

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i guess, if i have to be polite about it, i'd describe our principal as not really a people person; not particularly tactful. she said something today about us being traumatised though, and yes, i guess those are reasonable words. it's not shock anymore; it's just stretched out and unpleasant.

it was the kids' last day today, and then we had a retirement party for the two staff members who are retiring this year. fucking tears everywhere. i got weepy the other day while shelving; sentimental over the gracie faltrain books! they are great, of course, but i can just imagine gracie faltrain being super uncomfortable about someone being sentimental about her so that's a perfect image and if i can just leave with that maybe it will be okay?

christ this is still awful. much as i hate repeating myself.

okay one more week:

  • monday we're going on an excursion/party to a water park.
  • tuesday i'm going to my new school for possibly the world's most awkward induction: hi! i'm going to take leave before school starts next year and i fervently hope not to be working with any of you! but i have to have a school to take leave from so you're it!
  • wednesday is presentation night, and i'm backstage, so wednesday will mostly be setting up & rehearsing
  • thursday is pretty much the last time i have a chance to tidy up and throw things away
  • friday i believe we start drinking at 9; speeches at 10:30; booze-filled lunch from 12:30; bowling at 3ish (with a hip-flask); pub from 6; liver-sponsored death-wishes from 8 or so, i guess. 

to clarify, friday's timetable is the standard last day of school timetable. the lunch is out, where we normally have it at school; i imagine the speeches will have more tears than usual; and there are a LOT of people coming to bowling where it's normally just the sports teachers & the younger teachers, but the drinking from 9am and taxis out of school at 2pm is, well, canon. just, normally, it's happy drinking. watch out twitter that day!

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