emilly: (Default)
emilly ([personal profile] emilly) wrote2011-04-20 05:52 pm

I'm just gonna post once a month, then

Suspension of disbelief, broken: look, I realise Steve McGarrett is more of a badass then I am, but the week after you break two bones in your wrist? It still hurts. Too much to carry most of the weight of a nine year old boy. Especially when there are easier ways to carry P. Diddy's emo kid.

How long does it take me to pack for a week in Perth: fucking way too long, really. Also, lol my wardrobe: I will pack the black skirt and the red skirt; the black dress and the red dress; the black shoes and the red shoes; what shirts should I bring? Perhaps a black one and a red one?

A refrain familiar to many of you: where the fuck is the upfield train?

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