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books for you!

I am moving house and am not fond enough of the following books to move them too. but I could give them to you!

Die A Little Abbott, Megan
Weaveworld Barker, Clive
Turtle Bryson, Gary
Soulless Carriger, Gail
Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers Cobbold, Marika
Summer term at Trebizon Digby, Anne
Summer term at Trebizon Digby, Anne
Second term at Trebizon Digby, Anne
First term at Trebizon Digby, Anne
First term at Trebizon, Digby, Anne
More Trouble at Trebizon, Digby, Anne
The hockey term at Trebizon, Digby, Anne (ex library)

Popcorn Elton, Ben
From Russia with love ; Dr No ; Goldfinger Fleming, Ian (all three in one volume)
Payment in blood George, Elizabeth
The evidence exposed George, Elizabeth
A suitable vengeance George, Elizabeth
A place of hiding George, Elizabeth
A traitor to memory George, Elizabeth
In the presence of the enemy George, Elizabeth
Missing Joseph, Elizabeth George
Well Schooled in Murder, Elizabeth George
Playing for the Ashes, Elizabeth George
Keeping the dead Gerritsen, Tess
Murder on the Ballarat train Greenwood, Kerry
Dead and gone Harris, Charlaine
Dead until dark Harris, Charlaine
Vlad: The Last Confession Humphreys, C.C.
The kingdom beyond the waves Hunt, Stephen
Quest Jay, Shannah
The hundred thousand kingdoms Jemisin, N. K.
Women who kill Jones, Ann
Novel about my wife Perkins, Emily
The forest of hands and teeth Ryan, Carrie
Blood of elves Sapkowski, Andrzej
Journal of Dora Damage Starling, Belinda
After the Funeral, Agatha Christie
Sleeping Murder, Agatha Christie
The Sea Mystery, Freeman Wills Crofts
The Case of the Gilded Fly, Edmund Crispin
A Wicked Pack of Cards, Rosemary Harris
Holy Bile, Cameron Moloney
Harlequin Vintage (this is a crime box set originally published in the fifties): You never know with women; I'll bury my dead; No nice girl; Kiss your elbow; Virgin with butterflies; Pardon my body.

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