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The dutch for librarian (f) is bibliotecaressa. (m) is, i think, without the final a.
also, rabbit is konjin.

the whole class, bibliotecaressa made me giggle.


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emilly tells her workmates that she has a tivo:

emilly: hey, we got a tivo!
anna: yeah? how is it?
emilly: it has decided we are bogans. Understandable - we did tell it our highest priority is Pro Bull Riding and then Bondi Rescue - but you know. so we named it Dwayne.
anna: pro bull riding? you what?

clare tells her workmates that she has a tivo:

clare: oh yeah, dwayne's recording that for me.
sandra: your boyfriend is named dwayne?
clare: what? no! we named the tivo dwayne!
sandra: you named something dwayne? on purpose? in your own house?

hmm i can have like 15 icons on a free dw account. i think i will need moar watching tv icons.

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I had things to discuss about
  • knitting
  • reading
  • television and
  • movies
a bulleted list! also known as "what i did on my summer holidays"

Apparently I had some kind of mental break and spent all of my christmas money on northern european traditional mitten knitting books. Last week I received Mostly Mittens, on Komi (Russian) patterns, yesterday Folk Knitting of Estonia; and today Selbuvotter, on the two colour norwegian type mittens, which i don't even remember buying. oops. AND YET. the only pattern i want to knit is Shetlanders, admittedly a mitten pattern, but on a way larger gauge than anything in the books. I love it to pieces and I can't believe only six people have picked it up on Ravelry.

In other news, I read a grand total of THREE NOVELS MY GOD this january. Possibly because I spent most of the time watching tv and knitting. And Trisha and Clare keep lending me more dvds -- and I have sixty more knitting patterns than I had last week -- so i doubt feb will be any more impressive.

Midnight never comes: the Queen of England makes a deal with a Faerie Queen; things go wrong (how could it possibly?!); our heroes save england.
Devilish: (re-read)A high school girl makes a deal with a demon; things go wrong (how could it possibly?!); our hero saves her friend (hmm a theme).
Raisins and Almonds: (re-read) a phryne fisher novel to read one hot afternoon.
So none of these novels were really that great. Hopefully the next books I read are more worth it.

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i can't remember what i had actually meant to post to dw this evening, so in lieu:

"Don't turn around! I'm taking off my pants!"
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except that when i promised to bring a salad for work thing, i said i'd bring potato salad.

pita bread, pulled apart and put in the oven to get crunchy & brown and then ripped into bits
green chilli, spring onion chopped up small
cos lettuce ripped up
parsley & coriander chopped up small
avocado scooped out in chunks
limejuice limezest olive oil salt and pepper, as dressing.

only you do have to make it just before you want to eat it, or you know. unpleasant avocado will ensue.

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i ripped out the green & white mittens i was working on last week, and i am trying to re-knit them with a corrugated ribbed cuff, but goddamn it is hard to a) find out how to cast corrugated ribbing on neatly or b) do it neatly. I'm not sure it's worth it, but i have cast on these mittens four times now & so fuck it. i am doing corrugated ribbing even if it's messy.

YOU WOULD THINK: that i would have some yarn with which to knit my dad a hat for christmas*. But you would be wrong. oh man, i have to go to the yarn shop! HOW WILL I COPE.

In other news: I have all the ingredients for gingerbread muffins but am too busy watching white collar season two to make them. white collar! it is lots of fun & full of snark. i watched the whole of season one last week and there are only a few episodes left before there is none left! i am now delaying the inevitable by posting to dreamwidth.

*yeah, knitted hats not really appropriate gifts for xmas. but he asked for one. plus it's very wet this year.
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While eating dinner yesterday:

Clare: ... if you have flexitime.
Me: oh flexitime. Did I tell you... oh! we need some more friends!
Clare: ?
Me: I was just about to tell you about my housemate and her boss's issue with flexitime!
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ok: I have arranged and paid for a replacement license; cancelled my credit card; blocked my myki. Should go round to the library & replace that card too. Need to wait for the new card number & re-arrange the direct debit & such -- hmm hope medibank doesn't come out this week!

Despite the badness I actually had a pretty good weekend, but work today was really annoying -- newsletter day, and I'm sunburnt, and the aircon doesn't really reach my office where i had to hang out all day & do the newsletter, so I really didn't have any extra brainparts to deal with anything out of the ordinary. So of course the japanese teacher gave my extension out to all the japanese teachers in melbourne in relation to free textbooks. GO AWAY THERE ARE NO FREE BOOKS LEFT. STOP RINGING AND EMAILING ALREADY. GO AWAY GO AWAY.

I acquired some white collar, because I want to read all the stories Sam Starbuck keeps writing about it, and it's very enjoyable! So that's fun, cause I was out of tv to watch.

So now i am going to put more aloe vera on my back, eat some icecream, and watch some more tv.
Oh! if anyone sees a nice little wallet with patterns of bees on, remember where you saw it? I liked having a bee on my wallet. Just a little tiny thing you can get into a jeans pocket, if you still own a pair of jeans.
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clare charitably suggests the reason we always find someone driving really badly at the new coles is because it is, after all, the new coles, and people aren't used to the car park yet. BUT REALLY PEOPLE it's not like tooronga have a propriety design for a one way sign that is otherwise unknown in victoria.

I was very impressed, the other day, to visit tooronga and not find someone driving all the way around, looking for the exit, and then all the way around again, still trying to find the exit*, or driving up the down, or out the in, or on the wrong side of the road, nor yet parked across the entrance**. Of course it was 7am and I was the only car moving in the car park. UNTIL, while leaving, I had to wait for someone to finish backing out of the exit (into a roundabout!) because he had driven into the exit.

However. By the eggs is a button which makes a chicken noise, and by the milk a button which makes a cow noise. Small children find this nearly as amusing as Louise and I do.

*it's a small carpark
**four times, just once, five times!, twice, only once. I'm keeping count because it is SO RIDICULOUS. EVERY TIME.
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on saturday i walked around a fair bit wearing sandals.

i was honestly surprised at how stiff my calves were sunday, because I have walked longer, much longer, recently, without feeling it at all.

but today MY GOD I AM SO SORE. stairs are not my friend. sandals obvs not either!

but i have maple-walnut bread in 15 mins and cheese to go with and when i was rabidly cranky thursday night i bought new yarn & so i have the beginnings of extremely pretty mittens to work on. they are all green & purple & gold & blue and white.

also we have a christmas tree! cat is confused. felicity put it up while i sat on the floor, then caitlin & felicity put decorations on while i made dinner, and the whole time clare sat on the couch. hah! we sucked flick & caity in with promises of dinner & then made them do all the work.
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oh dear sbs. I realise that your shiny new mandarin language news program is very special, & that krudd is an excellent guest to have on such a show, but i'm not sure that krudd's appearance on another news program on your station constitutes a news item in itself!

in other news, the aircon at work is working again! just in time for the weather to break.

oh internet

Nov. 1st, 2010 08:58 pm
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clare and flick are playing heavy rain again.

what was that line about bad writing? no human would ever act like this ever. there isn't any single action that makes sense, and all put together? WRONG and IMPLAUSIBLE.

but it means we can yell WASH YOUR HANDS and it's still funny.


Oct. 25th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Once upon a time, Book Depository was astoundingly fast. I'd order books at the beginning of one week, and they'd turn up by the end of the week, and I'd have to double check, really? this was posted in the UK? I mean, people turn up from London within two or three days, but they expect to be picked up from the airport.

They've been taking a more reasonable 7-10 business days, now, which is entirely within their suggested timeframe. Except that, either I ordered ALL THE BOOKS at once, or else there's been some kind of holdup, cause ALL THE BOOKS have arrived in the last couple days. This is orders that were supposed to be dispatched in the last week of September, and the first week of October. Ah well, I have them now.* One day I will even add that pile of books on the dining room table to librarything. And type up random scribbled notes-towards-reviews, and possibly even turn them into reviews.

But first I have to read all the books, and also Have His Carcase, cause I want to actually participate in talking_piffle this time. And go for a walk, and buy bread. scuse me.

*work as well as my own books. I have now overspent on both budgets, erk.
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so on the way home from work, i decided i wanted to watch lord of the rings. which is unfortunate, as i don't own it. and clare wouldn't own it, as she hates those movies.

and yet, when clare fetched the cat litter up from her car, she brought the fellowship of the ring up with her.

because it just happened to be in her car.

best housemate ever, right?

best housemate ever.
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Am in a Mary Russell mood, as happens occasionally, but haven't been to a library for a week or two and so I'm just rereading the three on my shelf. But because I was two thirds of the way through Monstrous Regiment before I left the house the other day, I grabbed O Jerusalem. I finished that on the train last night, before I managed to finish MR, and so when I left the house this morning I grabbed A Letter of Mary. Now I am two thirds of the way through each of two books in a series, five years apart. Occasionally confusing.

Things what I did this weekend:
-was terribly confused when my alarm went off sat morning and i thought it was friday
-walked lots. although i just put it into mapmyrun and apparently it was only 12.5 kms. okay, at least i know what 12.5kms feels like!
-clockwork butterfly, which could have been awesome but was (I think) set up very poorly.
-finders keepers market, where I bought hardly anything as I am still broke. some very nice shinies though.
-the little wonders & the stilsons. I tried to introduce myself to someone I'd already met, oops. I bought the stilsons album, and when i am less broke will get the little wonders cd. They both had some very good stuff.

the difference between my post two weeks ago and tonight is that now flick is also rolling around on the floor having eaten too much while playing video games with clare. flick has the big gun now but she's still killing her own peeps, which seems bad form. I do like how you heal from gunshot wounds by hiding in these games. None of this medical attention necessary!
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Tickets for ssrd's next bout go on sale tmw morning: http://twitter.com/SSRDLeague

how many of you should i buy tickets for? I doubt it's a matter of setting one's alarm to early so as to buy tickets within short hours of them going on sale; last bout me and louise bought tickets AT THE DOOR. I know, crazyness. One still wants to get there when doors open so as to get a decent seat, but that's mostly because "a decent seat" is a term that has truer* meaning in springers than in puckhandlers.

Still, I want to get tickets tomorrow just in case.

*truer is a word? seriously spellchecker? i was being facetious!
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what with not waking up till afternoon today & all the things this weekend. ah well.

i have very nearly done all the housework & such i wanted to do during the holidays which leads me to a discovery:

I have an obscene quantity of black tights. srsly. who needs so many black tights she can virtually do a load of washing of just black tights?

and why can i never find a pair when i'm running late for work?

Dw is under the impression it failed to crosspost my last entry to lj but lj thinks it has. hmm.
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In June, 2009, I visited adelaide for the first & so far only time, to go to Conjecture. I stayed in a youth hostel, because I quite like staying in youth hostels. The con hotel was the Holiday Inn, which i still know, because firefox still has the holiday inn log in page as one of my most visited pages.

really? i used the hotel internet over four days often enough that i've visited their log in page more times than lj, over the two years i've had this computer? more times than fastmail? more times than gmail? I call bullshit.

also: a conversation. for context, clare and i are both lying on the loungeroom floor, on the internets with pizza.

clare: I have to go to the toilet.
me: hum, so do i.
clare: it can be a race! who will get up first! okay, you win. but wait! our floors are so clean! i don't have to get up!

luckily, by this time i was in the bathroom.
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