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shortly it will be my birthday! and also the first roller derby match of the year! a splendid coincidence.

part the first: a picnic! There shall be cake! possibly pie! & ridiculously sweet soft drinks and lunch-type foods. I'm thinking Central Park, cause that way, if it rains we can just come back to my house. also, directions are easy: it's right at the end of the number 5 tram route.

part the second: at about half past six, some of us will drive all the way to Keysborough, because that is where the derby is. It's the South Seas Roller Derby, in their second season. you should come! it'll be awesome! tickets are on sale here. i will even clean out my car so that human beings can fit in the back. btw you go for the charmers -- they are the purple team. and also the best.

if you consider you will be very hungry, you should rsvp in the comments or something. i mean, i usually overcater, but what if this is the one time i miscalculate? i'm prepared for you to be vegan, or gluten intolerant, but you could bring a plate anyway. also, if you don't have my number, you should tell me so, but I suspect everyone who's reading this far already does.

*if you are the interest in the roller derby, you should notice that tickets for the next three vrdl matches all go on sale 5 march.

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Tickets for ssrd's next bout go on sale tmw morning: http://twitter.com/SSRDLeague

how many of you should i buy tickets for? I doubt it's a matter of setting one's alarm to early so as to buy tickets within short hours of them going on sale; last bout me and louise bought tickets AT THE DOOR. I know, crazyness. One still wants to get there when doors open so as to get a decent seat, but that's mostly because "a decent seat" is a term that has truer* meaning in springers than in puckhandlers.

Still, I want to get tickets tomorrow just in case.

*truer is a word? seriously spellchecker? i was being facetious!
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Last night was the first session of derby bootcamp. Now I am stiff and sore! Actually I pulled up better than I expected to, certainly better than after my first circus class.

Derby stance is more difficult to keep than I thought. I've been doing it wrong - not bending my knees nearly enough. More squats! I really need to work on my balance. A lot of the maneuvers we worked on last night entailed being able to skate steadily on one foot and that's not something I'd ever tried. And it would help if i just, you know, was more fit.

The test at the end will assess us on
-t stops: i think i managed one correctly
-plow stops: i managed them alright, as long as i remember to bend my knees more
-jumps: we didn't work on those at all
-single knee falls: my recovery is too slow at the moment but i can do them
-double knee falls: same
-and an endurance skate - 25 laps in 5 minutes. Last night I did 15, but i also dropped out for about two laps cause my ankle cramped up and I fell. As long as I can manage the crossovers while turning better, and not fall down! i should be able to get that. I think I might be able to do this.

A banana in the car after training was the nicest thing I have ever eaten in the world! Next time I shall have a banana before training too. Also, we do really need to bring more than one bottle of water each. And be more than 10 minutes early for training! but I know how to get there now - except that Friday training is somewhere else.

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