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emilly ([personal profile] emilly) wrote2011-02-17 09:54 pm

things that have happened today

Things that are not entirely surprising: Clare's first issue of Pro Bull Rider arrived today and I suspect - going by the advertisements - that neither Clare nor I are really in the target audience. However, we will be able to use the poster of Bones, the bull who retires this month, to cover up the boring March picture in the Top Gear calendar in our bathroom.

Things that are surprising & excellent: a conversation
Clare: hey i read a book about you today! well not you, but
me: a librarian who likes science fiction?
clare: yeah, but, kind of. not really. it's on the couch there
me: oh hey! I was just about to buy Among Others!

so now i don't have to pay hardcover import price, which is what was stopping me so far.

things that are exciting:
I have an epic spreadsheet of continuum 8. it's pretty much all I am thinking about at any given moment. I probably shouldn't work on it at work though! fair warning: i am going to be repeatedly excited about continuum 8 in this journal over the next sixteen months. oh look i have a continuum icon now!

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