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oh my god it's over!

it's mostly over. we had an issue with the trophies so i still have to post them out when they get here. plus, i should send out one last newsletter - thank everyone & let people know about the open committee meeting for next year's con. oh, and i gotta add some resources to the website!

i've been getting messages from various people telling me what a great time they had, but to be honest all i can really think about is the stuff that got messed up. i now have an extensive & incredibly comprehensive list of all the stuff that one should really have had for the registration desk, which is to say all the many things i forgot to bring.

i was really worried about the venue ending up too small - which it was! and the bar closing too early - which it did! but i guess in the scheme of things these are not such bad things.

I didn't end up getting to any panels that i wasn't on but i did get to meet a bunch of new people, which is cool, and hang out with some people i knew a little but hadn't really made friends with. also i bought all the books.

continuum 9 is on the way, we have guests and a chair and even flyers; continuum 10 exists in the vaguest of ways and yet has been selected as the natcon! somehow i am now the natcon standing committee representative for two separate conventions - 2012 and 2014. which means i am on the committee until the business meeting of 2015 at the very least. i should say i volunteered for this: i have things i want to do.

i have a real conreport, i guess, with how/why natcon worked, and notes towards more underconstruction reports, but first i have a lot of books to read and food to eat.
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would you like to come to watch doctor who with us on mondays? we have been rewatching from the beginning of new who, in order to edumacate C, who finally got sick of not knowing what we were talking about. also i will cook you dinner, if you text me by 5pm on any particular monday (not valid june 11!). i admit that, being fairly familiar with season 1, i am actually sitting in the corner working on continuum while the tv is on, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

one of the reasons i like the otw is when i email them, they reply to "emilly" and not, as many of the replies i've gotten from various hotels lately "emily". (hotel person x has NO EXCUSE cause my given name is IN MY EMAIL ADDRESS. why should i arrange to give you thousands of dollars when you don't read?)

Because of reasons, I'm working on the continuum 8 conbook. I didn't plan to, this year; i've done it twice already, and i had other things to do! and yet. in the past when i have done this, i have really liked the bit where i lay things out, and mess around in InDesign, and go over it again backwards to find typos. This year I haven't got there yet but do you know what is FAR easier? Asking for people to pay for advertising! I hated doing that in 2009 & 10. This year I'm just flinging out the emails. They say no? whatever, they lose. They say yes? yay! I don't know if it's because I have "Chair, Continuum 8" in my signature, or if it's cause it's so not the most important thing i have to get done this week, or cause I'm a grownup now? I don't know, but i'm super happy with it!

I have also delegated much of the writing i - well, i never wanted to do it, i've begun to develop a thing about writing lately - but the writing i thought i'd like to have in the book. things that are easier when your girlfriend is a writer and interested in the same subjects you need writing on: my life.

i have opinions on things unrelated to conventions! i just haven't written them out yet. maybe one day.
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Things that are not entirely surprising: Clare's first issue of Pro Bull Rider arrived today and I suspect - going by the advertisements - that neither Clare nor I are really in the target audience. However, we will be able to use the poster of Bones, the bull who retires this month, to cover up the boring March picture in the Top Gear calendar in our bathroom.

Things that are surprising & excellent: a conversation
Clare: hey i read a book about you today! well not you, but
me: a librarian who likes science fiction?
clare: yeah, but, kind of. not really. it's on the couch there
me: oh hey! I was just about to buy Among Others!

so now i don't have to pay hardcover import price, which is what was stopping me so far.

things that are exciting:
I have an epic spreadsheet of continuum 8. it's pretty much all I am thinking about at any given moment. I probably shouldn't work on it at work though! fair warning: i am going to be repeatedly excited about continuum 8 in this journal over the next sixteen months. oh look i have a continuum icon now!

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