Dec. 20th, 2012

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Went to see @mystefaction in the Messiah on Sunday evening with @narrante (uh, too lazy to look up proper formatting). It was pretty great. We were waaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the front of the balcony at the side, such that when we stood for the Hallelujah Chorus I got vertigo and had to hang on to the railing. I wonder if the balcony sides are made of unfinished concrete so that they look more solid?

The tenor's bio in the program seemed far too accomplished for a gentleman who's photo was of a 30 something year old, to the extent that Lana and I looked him up on wikipedia, and he was born 48 years ago! so obviously an old photo, we thought - until he walked out on the stage, at which point we decided he must be the Doctor, as noone else could look so much younger than they are. 

Later we decided to start a commune somewhere in the western suburbs (and sell gingerbread in a library, i think?); it was that kind of night.

Monday was our excursion to a waterpark/final party with students. It was pretty great; my team won the watermelon eating competition and I do like winning. Jen managed to cut the inside of her mouth - on WATERMELON - and kept eating as she is also a watermelon-eating machine. It's important to know your strengths. Am a little sunburnt, though, as I manage to forget to sunscreen my cleavage. oh well.

Tuesday - when i started writing this entry! - I had an induction to the school I will be taking leave from. It actually seems pretty great, and would be super exciting to work there next year. I would not mind at all if I couldn't get into uni, and had to go to work there! The librarian is good at the stuff that i hate doing, and i'm good at the stuff she's never had the time to learn. PLUS, and this makes me really intrigued: she reckons that they've managed to make it cool to pay attention in class and also generally be a good student. WHAT, BZUH, HOW, etc but wow.

The final-ever presentation night was last night, and god, am so exhausted now all i'm good for is drinking tea and whinging about there being no new Castle, so, am going to get back to that right now. tmw is the christmas party and there will be speeches and crying and tbh i don't really want to go. which i guess just proves how tired i am. 

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