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clare charitably suggests the reason we always find someone driving really badly at the new coles is because it is, after all, the new coles, and people aren't used to the car park yet. BUT REALLY PEOPLE it's not like tooronga have a propriety design for a one way sign that is otherwise unknown in victoria.

I was very impressed, the other day, to visit tooronga and not find someone driving all the way around, looking for the exit, and then all the way around again, still trying to find the exit*, or driving up the down, or out the in, or on the wrong side of the road, nor yet parked across the entrance**. Of course it was 7am and I was the only car moving in the car park. UNTIL, while leaving, I had to wait for someone to finish backing out of the exit (into a roundabout!) because he had driven into the exit.

However. By the eggs is a button which makes a chicken noise, and by the milk a button which makes a cow noise. Small children find this nearly as amusing as Louise and I do.

*it's a small carpark
**four times, just once, five times!, twice, only once. I'm keeping count because it is SO RIDICULOUS. EVERY TIME.
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On my way home from work I often compose elegantly snarky diatribes aimed at my fellow drivers, meaning to post them to lj and tag them all with "road rage". But by the time I get to Glenferrie Road my eloquence has devolved to "FUCKING LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE YOU FUCKWIT" which seems kinda rich from someone still on a probationary license. and yet. YOU HAVE AN INDICATOR FOR A REASON. fuckwits.

excuse me.

I have arranged to go to a pd on the same day as open night. hah! i won't be able to go. haha! this pleases me. I hadn't actually noticed it was the same day until everyone had signed off on it, but I have let the people who will be in the library know, and I feel that that is as professional as i can be expected to be. I am suddenly more cranky about my job, since reading

A suitably skilled librarian would be earning a minimum of $60k in most other cases. No self-respecting library professional would take up such a role, unless they were really passionate about young people and young adult literature. Certainly, no qualified teacher librarian would stoop to such a role. (Andrew Finegan, here)

Cause I'm not, you know. Earning that much, I mean; I am a self-respecting library professional, most of the time. "such a role" refers to contract positions from feb-mid december; at least I am employed for the whole twelve months. Still I begin to think that i'd prefer the extra income to the extra holidays, except that I like my kids.

On Monday I arranged to trade my old skates for some handspun yarn, and people, five years ago I would never have dreamed how happy that sentence could make me.

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