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a bulleted list! also known as "what i did on my summer holidays"

Apparently I had some kind of mental break and spent all of my christmas money on northern european traditional mitten knitting books. Last week I received Mostly Mittens, on Komi (Russian) patterns, yesterday Folk Knitting of Estonia; and today Selbuvotter, on the two colour norwegian type mittens, which i don't even remember buying. oops. AND YET. the only pattern i want to knit is Shetlanders, admittedly a mitten pattern, but on a way larger gauge than anything in the books. I love it to pieces and I can't believe only six people have picked it up on Ravelry.

In other news, I read a grand total of THREE NOVELS MY GOD this january. Possibly because I spent most of the time watching tv and knitting. And Trisha and Clare keep lending me more dvds -- and I have sixty more knitting patterns than I had last week -- so i doubt feb will be any more impressive.

Midnight never comes: the Queen of England makes a deal with a Faerie Queen; things go wrong (how could it possibly?!); our heroes save england.
Devilish: (re-read)A high school girl makes a deal with a demon; things go wrong (how could it possibly?!); our hero saves her friend (hmm a theme).
Raisins and Almonds: (re-read) a phryne fisher novel to read one hot afternoon.
So none of these novels were really that great. Hopefully the next books I read are more worth it.

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On my way home from work I often compose elegantly snarky diatribes aimed at my fellow drivers, meaning to post them to lj and tag them all with "road rage". But by the time I get to Glenferrie Road my eloquence has devolved to "FUCKING LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE YOU FUCKWIT" which seems kinda rich from someone still on a probationary license. and yet. YOU HAVE AN INDICATOR FOR A REASON. fuckwits.

excuse me.

I have arranged to go to a pd on the same day as open night. hah! i won't be able to go. haha! this pleases me. I hadn't actually noticed it was the same day until everyone had signed off on it, but I have let the people who will be in the library know, and I feel that that is as professional as i can be expected to be. I am suddenly more cranky about my job, since reading

A suitably skilled librarian would be earning a minimum of $60k in most other cases. No self-respecting library professional would take up such a role, unless they were really passionate about young people and young adult literature. Certainly, no qualified teacher librarian would stoop to such a role. (Andrew Finegan, here)

Cause I'm not, you know. Earning that much, I mean; I am a self-respecting library professional, most of the time. "such a role" refers to contract positions from feb-mid december; at least I am employed for the whole twelve months. Still I begin to think that i'd prefer the extra income to the extra holidays, except that I like my kids.

On Monday I arranged to trade my old skates for some handspun yarn, and people, five years ago I would never have dreamed how happy that sentence could make me.

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