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saddest first week of term 4 ever, i feel - although (still!) super glad that we're closing down this year and not trying to hold out one extra year. I'm on the committee to organise the last day (for students) party; my suggestion was a frozen margarita machine but that got turned down.

Apparently this is how it will work (from my point of view):
books go to schools in our coalition or I can send them to charity (assuming the charity can pick up/pay freight).
no one is allowed to come and look over the collection - i (arbitrarily!) pick what books go to what schools
by the end of this term, i need to have every book off the shelf in a pile - one pile for each of the schools - and then, next year, the coalition school librarians get to come pick up their pile (and if they don't need anything I've put there, they can put it on the charity pile)
i don't have to withdraw anything or pass on catalogue records or do any kind of stocktaking (yessssss)
if a teacher knows where they're going, and knows that something is a valuable resource, they can ask me to put it on the pile for the school they'll be moving to (assuming they're moving to a coalition school i guess)
and all the vhs is going in the skip (a lot has already been dumped, i'm quite gleeful about dumping the rest of it!).

man i feel so much better knowing what it is i'm supposed to get done!

i also managed not to laugh at the principal when she told me to put books in "one corner for each of the five schools - and one for charity" our library is a square, we don't have that many corners. feels a little weird that "every shelf and every cupboard should be empty" by the last day of term - but the floor should apparently be covered in books?

I wore a pretty skirt and a tshirt and a cardigan and knee high boots yesterday - a fairly standard winter outfit for me, although admittedly not a cardigan i'd worn very often this winter - and apparently looked so good in it that three separate people confusedly asked me "are you interviewing?? i thought you wanted to go to uni next year??" so today i'm wearing jeans and a witty internet-saying tshirt. no job interviews for me!
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On my way home from work I often compose elegantly snarky diatribes aimed at my fellow drivers, meaning to post them to lj and tag them all with "road rage". But by the time I get to Glenferrie Road my eloquence has devolved to "FUCKING LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE YOU FUCKWIT" which seems kinda rich from someone still on a probationary license. and yet. YOU HAVE AN INDICATOR FOR A REASON. fuckwits.

excuse me.

I have arranged to go to a pd on the same day as open night. hah! i won't be able to go. haha! this pleases me. I hadn't actually noticed it was the same day until everyone had signed off on it, but I have let the people who will be in the library know, and I feel that that is as professional as i can be expected to be. I am suddenly more cranky about my job, since reading

A suitably skilled librarian would be earning a minimum of $60k in most other cases. No self-respecting library professional would take up such a role, unless they were really passionate about young people and young adult literature. Certainly, no qualified teacher librarian would stoop to such a role. (Andrew Finegan, here)

Cause I'm not, you know. Earning that much, I mean; I am a self-respecting library professional, most of the time. "such a role" refers to contract positions from feb-mid december; at least I am employed for the whole twelve months. Still I begin to think that i'd prefer the extra income to the extra holidays, except that I like my kids.

On Monday I arranged to trade my old skates for some handspun yarn, and people, five years ago I would never have dreamed how happy that sentence could make me.

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