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I have actually been reading books that are not ya and books that are not written by ladies but this looks like a theme so let's run with it for now. Not really spoilers, i don't think, but some of these books are pretty recent plus some of these reviews got quite long.

Please ignore Vera Dietz, A S King )

Three summers, Judith Clarke )
Fateful, Claudia Gray )
Dead, Actually, Kaz Delaney )

Slide, Jill Hathaway )

The taming of Lilah May and Lilah May's manic days, Vanessa Curtis )

The rage of sheep, Michelle Cooper )

My conclusion: high school in books is probably not somewhere anyone wants to be, which is awkward given all these books are from my high school library.

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just some notes to do with the UnderConstruction panels on Sunday - Monday's will follow soonest.
Knowledge )
Programming )
I have the audio files and they are partially transcribed, as well as Callistra’s tweetstream from all the panels. Hopefully when we sort out the bulletin board, we’ll be able to include all these files too, so that you can totally pretend you were there too.

To Do List:
*monday's panel notes
*finish transcribing audio recording, upload
*ditto with keepstream
*wiki updates (have started already, yay!)
*bulletin board
*upload timelines; program questionnaire
*email everyone re: having done all of the above
*rewrite this to do list to include monday's stuff
*panic re: continuum 7 book submission (this is on every to do list now. erk.)

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