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semi-related thoughts and an invitation:

would you like to come to watch doctor who with us on mondays? we have been rewatching from the beginning of new who, in order to edumacate C, who finally got sick of not knowing what we were talking about. also i will cook you dinner, if you text me by 5pm on any particular monday (not valid june 11!). i admit that, being fairly familiar with season 1, i am actually sitting in the corner working on continuum while the tv is on, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

one of the reasons i like the otw is when i email them, they reply to "emilly" and not, as many of the replies i've gotten from various hotels lately "emily". (hotel person x has NO EXCUSE cause my given name is IN MY EMAIL ADDRESS. why should i arrange to give you thousands of dollars when you don't read?)

Because of reasons, I'm working on the continuum 8 conbook. I didn't plan to, this year; i've done it twice already, and i had other things to do! and yet. in the past when i have done this, i have really liked the bit where i lay things out, and mess around in InDesign, and go over it again backwards to find typos. This year I haven't got there yet but do you know what is FAR easier? Asking for people to pay for advertising! I hated doing that in 2009 & 10. This year I'm just flinging out the emails. They say no? whatever, they lose. They say yes? yay! I don't know if it's because I have "Chair, Continuum 8" in my signature, or if it's cause it's so not the most important thing i have to get done this week, or cause I'm a grownup now? I don't know, but i'm super happy with it!

I have also delegated much of the writing i - well, i never wanted to do it, i've begun to develop a thing about writing lately - but the writing i thought i'd like to have in the book. things that are easier when your girlfriend is a writer and interested in the same subjects you need writing on: my life.

i have opinions on things unrelated to conventions! i just haven't written them out yet. maybe one day.
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I'd really love to join you, but Mondays are Mad Men/Game of Thrones (Game of Mad Men) night! (Also, I'm not sure a n00b -- or any other human being, come to that -- would appreciate me shouting at Rose/RTD/Nine/Jack every few minutes.)
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You'll make it before then too right? :-P
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your girlfriend sounds pretty awesome.