emilly: (wing)
emilly ([personal profile] emilly) wrote2011-09-13 03:38 pm

i am so pround i might burst

this actually went down this morning before i saw any of the #yesgayya stuff. but hey! excellent timing!

i have some new books in the office, which i haven't got round to putting on display just yet, and a student was going through to see if she wanted to borrow any, and we started talking about diversity in the fiction collection blah AND THEN THIS HAPPENED
i said, "i think it's important to have books with gay and lesbian characters in--"
and she cut in with "and it's not an issue that they're gay or anything, they just are"
and i said, "yeah, because--"
and she said "there should be books with all types of people in. do you have any books with romance but not vampires, i'm tired of them."